Quickly Sold Out


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

uton & Ø+yn / bird people & creation VI

"Monster Collab" is a denotation on the title of this cassette Cosmic Winnetou has posted. This is a very humble way to describe a cassette containing four artists, all with massive amounts of releases. Also, a collective experience base of about thirty five years, just in theses four project monikers alone, not counting other or previous projects. How good is this meeting of the heavies? So freaking excellent all the tapes are sold out from Cosmic Winnetou. I do not want to curtail further reading or listening, but check out Tomentosa for copies. Josh just updated the site while this post was being put together. Also discogs for copies for sale, there are two as this is being written.

The two sides of this cassette differ completely, and in so doing complement each other tremendously. Side A, uton & Ø+yn, exist in unexplored dimensions. This is an outlandish sound world where drone has been left alone so long, now evolved into unrecognizable forms. Creatures have developed from millenniums of advancement. Prowling this aural world with haunting guttural exchanges. Alluring and terrifying concurrently. uton & Ø+yn have created a peerless composition that should be rushed to and away from somehow in one motion.

Side B, bird people & creation VI finds roots in classic Indian ragas. Hypnotizing hurdy-gurdy drone is the canvas for flute and monastic vocals. So natural, time is lost. Man made and natural sounds emulsified into a seamless primordial state. Stretched out over endless temporal space, bird people & creation VI rest their tones across the consciousness. Like a imperceptible blanket that is neither to heavy or light. These droning melodies add security from a man made world of simmering chaos.

This magical affiliation of artists is another piecing arrow in a quiver of amazing music by Cosmic Winnetou. Guenter Schlienz's Stuttgart label has continually been heating up, especially after the triple vinyl release of the previous batch. The sold out batch before that and before that.....

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