Monday, October 31, 2016

ZOZO Tek - Live - 2​/​27​/​2016

Journey into the ambient jungle. Paralyzing horns piercing like frog dipped blow darts. Beats in cadence with rising anxiety of loosing yourself in a world where the sun is permanently kept away. There is a tangent quality of peacefulness and beauty. Maybe rest will somehow induce the ability to hear more clearly. With out noticing the music becomes your totem. Like a snake in a wicker basket, yearning for these melodic horns is the only appeasement your existence knows.

ZOZO Tek is from Minneapolis and consist of Joseph Burns and Mariel Oliviera. This live cassette was recorded at Drone Not Drones 2016, in the wee hours of the morning. MJ MJ Records has the complete description here, so i am not going to rewrite it.

This music has some serious roots in talent. The timing alone is absolutely majestic. The sounds beat and sparkle along like breathing or blood pumping through your core. The first side of the recording is a little more hairy. Approaching your ears like ghost rattle in the night, your hands might grasp to make sure security is near. As the sound trek moves moves on, a comfortableness settles in. You realize this ambient soundscape is just that beautiful. I can hear some essence of Jon Hassell & Brian Eno's, Fourth World Vol. 1 - Possible Musics from the beginning of the eighties.

This is a great set and MJ MJ Records was sharp to release this on the label. If you love music, had a label, saw and heard this show, how could you not want more people to hear what courses through your city? Well worth the purchase.

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Nico Stephou