Friday, November 4, 2016

Bartholins Glands - Studies for CD

Crafted from sounds of glitchyness a compact disc seems to make. Somehow saying save me from this machine, i am not working. Or is it a secret digital layer the laser eye accesses, broadcasting sounds for upheaval of the sleeping sentient computer world. Bartholins Glands has recorded this strange language and made all listeners aware there is much more going on when a compact disc drops in the player.

The first side of Studies for CD is five tracks that wobble in and out of a drone world of binary code. As an infinitesimal numeral, the eye reading you burns as it passes over like "Trapped in a CD" conveys. Other tracks like "Granular Hair Synthesis" and "Printed Circuit Maze", explore the mysteries in a world we only hear and never see. Strange unions of digitally recorded material trying to be heard above the circuit revolt. The second side was recorded live at Damas in Lisbon early this year. A much more subdued droned out en devour. Bartholins Glands seems to exploit a productive niche in the newly formatted digital airwaves.

This was released just recently in May of this year on the Urubu Tapes Label. In an edition of one hundred cool and clear cassettes with bright yellow spools. Available from the Urubu's bandcamp page. Also available from A Giant Fern's bandcamp page. Only one copy still remaining there.

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