Saturday, November 12, 2016

Channelers - Space Makes Clearing

A new Channelers release on Inner Islands. Words seem to evade me when listing to Channelers. My mind positioned in some hovering state of consciousness. These sounds are fundamental, the simple base of notes combining to make the foundations of beautiful music. Thoughtfulness, talent, experience and patience unfolding to be captured on cassette by Inner Islands again.

I am listening and attempting to write these descriptive words. The basics are blissful ambient sounds bound together on a cassette titled Space Makes Clearing. Sustained well over forty minutes and divided among seven tracks, there is little manipulation, there is no need. Patterns from instruments delivered so timely, like a berceuse for the spirit. There is deft variation among the tracks, but only adding to the completeness of this entire composition. The longest piece titled "Praise for Life in All Its Forms" is one of the best things i have heard this year. The meditative element makes all anxiety dissipate completely. This reminds me of another incredible piece of music i was exposed to last year by Jordan De La Sierra and tilted Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose. This was originally released in 1977 on Unity Records then re-released at the end of 2014 by the label Numero Group. Vinyl and compact disc copies are still available if you missed it. Going back to Space Makes Clearing, the track following "Praise for Life in All Its Forms" titled "Time Out of When" is equally majestic in it's own space and time.

Copies of Channelers' cassette Space Makes Clearing are ready for you at Inner Islands. There are a bunch of little supported by pictures gathering up on the bandcamp page, which means quantities are being reduced. This will have prime time positioning in your cassette rotation.

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