Thursday, November 10, 2016


Haunted darkness, sound pulled apart like meat for a consciousness sandwich. A percussive fog envelopes the listener, becoming thick with tones then dissipating slightly to the emptiness. There seems to be no real beginning or end. This is always playing somewhere in the mind. Only a matter of shuffling around to hear more clearly. Future Ape Tapes drifts like a ghost ship, then unexpectedly  jibes with an unexplained force.

Seven tracks slowly unraveling over a half an hour. This cassette titled 1093 is exceptionally difficult to place words with. There is music, and everything holding it to that point collapses. The parts and pieces scattered, like the wreckage of a plane crashing to earth at a minute angle.  Future Ape Tapes lobs guitar licks and electronic mortar, these sounds detonate in the sky above and their residue falls gently down. There is no focal point, your thoughts wander with the otherworldly creations 1093 has manifested.

This cassette was released on Fall Break Records out of Athens, Georgia. They have been releasing frayed sounds of real pop, having roots in a tripped out realm of experimentalism. 1093 hit physical existence in an edition of fifty and is available from in tangible form from Fall Break Records bandcamp page. Future Ape Tapes has been around for a long time. You can take a look at their compositions at their bandcamp site.

FUTURE APE TAPES - bandcamp - facebook
Fall Break Records site - facebook - bandcamp