Friday, November 4, 2016

Garcia da Selva - Mineral Music

Messy consciousness is the life we live. Realization of the messiness temporarily resolves this uncluttered state. The battle of the me versus the not me seems to be cyclic. Total attention to the not me by the me is a difficult state to achieve. Maybe only moments at a time. Buddhist spend there entire lives trying to achieve total attention to the single moment they are in. Leaving all memories and current thoughts aside. Mineral Music is a more western hemisphere discussion of the topic.

This cassette titled Mineral Music, created by Garcia da Selva is interesting, in the depth of thought the listen takes you. A conversation on the true aspect of the consciousness, tweaked with warbled ethereal music. Synthesizer dancing to words working on wisdom.The entire process stabilizes your being and at the same time gently tries to push you over. Very creative and definitely mellowly thought provoking. The second side is the first side in reverse. Foreign conversation for time streaming the other way.

This is out on Urubu Tapes from Lisbon. Release in March of last year on clear cassettes in crystal clear cases. In an edition of one hundred and available from the label's bandcamp page. Also available from A Giant Fern's bandcamp page. Only a few copies left there.

Urubu Tapes site - bandcamp - facebook