Friday, November 4, 2016

Márcio Cunha - Verão Eterno Soundtrack

The cosmos of the mind is relatively unexplored. This body of work by Márcio Cunha titled Verão Eterno Soundtrack seems so aptly made to accompany this journey. A world of drone and energy, slowly tumbling together. A laid back soundscape where the mellowness is sparked with just enough fascination, creating a pleasant space for time to be spent.

Verão Eterno Soundtrack is one long track divided by the flip of the tape. Here, in this infinite world of foreign sounds, there resides both a peacefulness and roving disturbances. Doldrums created by the vastness and focused energy arching as matter is approached. The tone for the most part relaxes the listener and always maintains interest of what is resting and waiting in the distance. Here is the trailer to the movie...

This is really a beautiful composition. One of Urubu Tapes early releases in an edition of one hundred. There are limited copies available now. You can get this from the labels bandcamp page or discogs. Very cool packaging with mystery exuding from every aspect.

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