Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ross Wallace Chait – Rocking and Rollin

Rocking and Rollin across generations slowly disappearing into dust. Ross Wallace Chait has composed a lonely musical boundary for sounds to plunge over. Rumbling down, clattering through an unknown abyss, friendly echoes for listening ears. The entire cassette plays like a radio active wasteland of musical images. Droning static, only interrupted by creaking metal resonating in the lifeless breeze. Haunting industrial clamor, pounds with ghostly intensity. The world of  Ross Wallace Chait is protracted into some apocalyptic future, mixing genres like the circulatory system of continental drift. Folk vibes from man's creations still gleaming as the imperceptible approaches.

This will be released in cassette format on the 25th of November by A Giant Fern. I will add music samples when they become available, maybe a few more photos when the cassette arrives!

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