Wednesday, November 9, 2016


This is one of a few posts i have done for something other than physical releases. Since this is purely something to enjoy and fits very well with Lost In A Sea Of Sound, i wanted to share.

From Randall who is Amulets...
SLOW VISIONS is a new monthly curated, experimental web series inspired by Norwegian Slow TV and Sigur Ros’s Route One. Using stock + found footage SLOW VISIONS showcases contemporary ambient/drone artists and juxtaposes them with fascinatingly mundane, slow, and uncut footage. SLOW VISIONS is shorter in length, but more concise - focusing on the hypnotic and symbiotic relationship of droning audio & visuals.

Lost In A Sea Of Sound will continue to share these visuals that go so well with ambient goodness. Here is Episode 1 - THESE CONTROLLING FORCES.  You can also subscribe to Randall's YouTube Channel.

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