Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stag Hare - Velvet And Bone

Stag Hare has returned with their first physical release since the massive box set titled Tapestry, arriving in November of 2015. Velvet And Bone has the total fiber and resins of what all listeners have grown to love with Stag Hare's euphoric approach. This time though, there seems to be a step towards exposing an inner beauty. An almost softer more vulnerable side hiding behind bones wrapped in lavish burial cloth. Looking at the cassette cover, one imagines poison or nuclear waste lurking inside. I think this is a strategic effort to place a tough boy appearance on an intimate and revealing look at the inner feelings of Stag Hare.

So yes, Velvet And Bone is somewhat different than previous compositions. Touted as a "Gothic Fable", this work could be that for sure. Sounds for nights with children before bed. There is a unique resonating allure that opens the door for new listeners to travel through. Built with sophistication and patience, ready for play time on Hearts of Space or Echoes. Stag Hare has flickered and reappeared in current physical reality. Music combining the long-established steady pace and feel, with gentle dream like vocals. There is a reflective sadness in these words. A hazy world where magic and nature blend in a swirl, then separate revealing the essential details of both. And with these revelations, we learn time is not the same for everyone. Velvet And Bone is Stag Hare story time, and it is worth listening to over and over.

Released on the label making the most sense for a composition of this splendor, Inner Islands. A limited edition of one hundred. As with most Stag Hare pieces of work and Inner Islands releases, Velvet And Bone will be sold out soon. It is less than a month old so please do not wait.

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