Monday, December 26, 2016

Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space - Drift.

Finding the tones to make the consciousness vibrate just under the resonating level of departure. Fusing a mechanical world with roots in the organic. Drift. paralyzes your thoughts and drops them into the ambient ocean, all in one slow burning planetary re-entry. Rich pastoral drone, stirred for hours with sentient workings. The beautiful noise we have is the new sound, the space in between.

Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space have combined to lay down the drone heavy. So slow and melodic, like watching glaciers move or water evaporate. If you are even the slightest bit tired, Drift. will finish you off. This is stuff for Experienced drone listeners only. Constitutions must be at their highest levels. Float tank sound preparing minds for astral departure. The title track "Drift." wedges you away from your body with an almost monastic hum that stirs beneath as the vastness of space lures from above. This is followed by the grandiose "Chindogu", revealing a slightly disturbed ambient soundscape of infinitely extending boundaries. Sound mirroring man's knowledge as if heard from a microscope and telescope in stereo. The hum of energy of a planets outer atmosphere being bombarded by space particles of all sizes.

An epic sounding composition getting the classiest treatment from Bonding Tapes. The highest magnitude of care was used in presenting Drift. Boxed like jewels and banded as a fine gift would be. Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space has found a label in Bonding Tapes that really understands how good this composition is. Released in October, there are still copies available. One of the best releases in all aspects for the year.

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