Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


What is this bewitching composition? Breathtaking and entirely enchanting. The soundtrack for Professor Liedenbrock's decent in Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. The layers of sound so deep and for ever unrivaled in strange new majestic beauty. Stalactites and stalagmites of sonic sharpness described for the ears by a skillful musical narrator. A Melbourne Nocturne is a story for time when the consciousness changes state from engaged and disengaged.

David Colohan burns the sonic torch for forty minutes on this choral/ambient trek. There is a striking vintage feel to A Melbourne Nocturne. When the vocals fade and the synthesizer heats up, you can hear the pioneer sounds of seventies key board arrays. Although David's composition is more ambient and subtle, not over produced as some entities of the past. A Melbourne Nocturne echoes beyond my earlier comparison as soundtrack to Jules' journey. There is struggle to really pin it down to a particular genre. The balance between vocals and electronics is fluid and alive. Just enough of each in a mesmerizing banter between each other. Positive feelings, never haunting or over pressing. A high mark for this feature because starting in a incense filled cathedral balcony, has a ceremonial weight on it's own. The transitions or tracks never feel like changes, more gentle, like rain stopping or fog lifting. The use of saxophone played by Matt Leivers adds depth and tethers the entire composition to the vibrant night. Music to loose your way in. The sides become blurred as the cassette flips countless times. Sure to happen with out a doubt.

PSI LAB has unleashed this in an edition of fifty. Unfortunately they are sold out from the label. Found a copy at Flipped Out Records. Nothing on discogs. These went very fast since they were only released last month. PSI LAB surely has the the right touch, being a label and music writer. David Colohan has massive history as well. You can see and hear at his bandcamp page. Together, label and artist producing fifty tapes did not have a chance to survive being for sale for very long.

PSI LAB site - bandcamp - facebook
David Colohan - bandcamp