Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


House of Triangles is nourishment for decades spent in separation of wandering rock nomads. A complex composition created by six musicians with the moniker Dire Wolves. Like one late night super cool get together, nothing seems planned in advance. There is a fervor of intensity as the excitement of camaraderie is experienced and this maintains itself throughout the entire listen.

Fireside tunes for deep forest grove nights. How many times has this been preformed? Countless generations with an infinite numbed of different instruments. The same native dance pace, for a ring of rhythm around both ceremonial and just plane good time blazes. The magic is the space in between. When things slow down and all consciousnesses express themselves with their timeless tools of music. A meteor shower, slow but maintaining the devoted starring into the sky. In this case ears finding six minds backing off for individual creativity to be expressed. Patience creates the center of this tape. A respite for thought or conversation before Dire Wolves gets ready to leave the woods. The finish is like the start, feverishly working together in a vintage mash of so many influences multiplied by the number of players. The sound crosses many genres and sits like a moray effect across time and space.

out on the PSI LAB label out of Oklahoma. Fellow music listener and describer. Taking the step into the cassette medium and making a good one. This is release number fifteen for the label. Everything is sold out including House Of Triangles and this was released just a month ago in an edition of fifty. Hot real sounds for the pressing cold.

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