Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jake Blanchard - Colour Discolour

Jake Blanchard had a split cassette with Hellvete back in 2013 on Tor Press. I had this tape in my list to find in the states, but it never happened. Couple of other cassettes, Jake Blanchard's debut on Feathered Coyote Records in Austria and a 2014 release on IKUISUUS from Finland are out there, but shipping is steep for single cassettes from Europe. Fortunately Eiderdown Records has brought Jake to Seattle, Washington and has produced a high level offering both in sound and in art.

Describing the sounds of Colour Discolour is a task for music scholars, but i will still do my best. There is a courtly tone permeating the start of this cassette. Somehow regal, but in a constant state of a madly tripping frenzy. The notes are so fast, creating a droning visage. The closest music i can relate this to is some incredible banjo work by Roscoe Holcomb, one specific song called Little Gray Mule. Listen to Jake take the ageless sounds and bend them through a psychedelic time spiral. An ambient ocean of sand, with a oasis and tents around it, the festive atmosphere goes on through the cool night. Colour Discolour takes the sounds through till dawn with almost forty minutes of mysterious energy. They begin to simmer and mutate on the second track titled The Witches Horse-Block. A Gamelan tone without and bells being struck, only the vibrations after the initial ring are heard. The second side is all Distant Migration. A complex composition emanating from tribal origins. The pace quickens as blood is spilled and the frenzy of the ceremony numbs sight and sound. The last few minutes taper off as this majestic ritual comes to an end.

This cassette was released in an edition of ninety from Eiderdown Records. A label which adds the the most vibrant screen printing to heavy card stock for every installation. The art for Colour Discolour was done by Jake Blanchard as well as the batch companion release, Down Of The Hamsa by Bird People. Worth getting a copy in every sense of the words "super cool".

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