Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Misery Loves Co. - Business as Usual

Lonely tunes for lives where tiny sparks are so bright. Minimal in delivery, seemingly unplanned, someone pressed record while Misery Loves Co. slowly explodes with inner emotion. Singer and songwriter hiding a powerful current. A direct conduit connecting true turmoil to your ears. Then playfully disguising how disturbed these sounds really are.

This is Business as Usual, a new cassette out on Already Dead Tapes and Records. Five tracks across thirty five minutes. There is no exact pinpoint to describe the creations of Josh Miller and mastering by Mike Schuur. The wide array of approaches used to make this composition allow the listener to take the passengers seat while Josh drives with one hand on the wheel. The other mashing the radio dial and alternately pointing out the window at the unfamiliar landscape this ride is going through. Some where about half way through the sublime pleasantries of simple acoustic guitar and sparse vocals end. The landscape burns as Josh floods the cabin with ice cold air. Then you are away with a twisted AM radio frequency projecting a ghostly Neil Diamond tune, all the while comfortable because hell is behind you. Lastly, Misery Loves Co. plugs their latest "drone" cassette into the deck, takes off the human skin and gets down with an electronic chirping funk for the insect world. Business as Usual is impressively unique and perplexing.

This tape was run in an edition of sixty by the prolific machine of a label Already Dead Tapes and Records. There are only two copies left and available at the label's bandcamp page. Business as Usual was released just last month in November.

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