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Thursday, December 22, 2016

obody - Is A Bridge / A Ready Place

Beguiling the sound waves with incredible skill and patience, obody has an armament of instruments and musicians soaring low to the ground. Just beyond being able to reach but igniting the imagination with a massive physical presence. These tunes are reminiscent of Palace Music, real and vulnerable. Ostensibly simple at first listen, but magnificently complex is the true depth. Is A Bridge / A Ready Place binds a rural landscape to a world moving in an opposite direction.

Is A Bridge / A Ready Place  plays like a saga of hardship and turmoil over years of enduring life's sufferings. A beautifully told story complete with musical nooks and crannies to get lost in. A stone surrounded well with a lost soul at the bottom. No one uses it anymore but tales of who is down there bend and mutate with each telling. obody has taken the hour they have and told the tale the best. Resonating with percussion and strings of every nature, delivered in cadence with ears always seeming to wait for the next piece. There are many influences heard in obody's sound. As mentioned before Palace Brothers and more to the kin of Dirty Three, Smog, Scud Mountain Boys to name some that make sense to me. The tone remains constant throughout the entire listen. A mesmerizing acoustic bewitching with empathetic vocals making you really feel the emotion of life.

This is out on Already Dead Tapes and Records in both cassette and vinyl. Released in an edition of one hundred tapes and not sure how many records. Number two hundred and twenty nine for the label. Almost fifty of Already Dead Tapes and Records releases were done this year. That is busy.

There is a good video on the Already Dead Tapes and Records page.


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