Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rambutan - Universal Impulses

Sometimes music corners the mind fending thoughts back as they try to drift. Rambutan starts Universal Impulses deconstructing notes and tones. Pulling your consciousness into the mix and nullifying the ability to comprehend. A intense designed approach by an experienced creator. The result aimed at mind cleansing for the new interconnected mass to be nurtured by Universal Impulses to a higher state.

Forty minutes hanging in the most mysterious ambient stasis. The first few tracks teeter on the edge then the remaining pieces sink with strong ambient gravity. The beauty of this cassette by Eric Hardiman who is Rambutan, is the pathway the sounds lead down. Take off or landing depends on what your perspectives are during the heart of this composition. The beginning wobbles and clanks spinning faster to reach equilibrium. Then, centrifugal forces add weight, causes the world to sit heavy as the sounds drone across a perplexing subtle noise filled surface. Universal Impulses is sound finding a groove and falling deep to the bottom of the V. In this sense, the world where sound waves settle to a thick blanket across the listeners awareness. Rambutan deals a heavy hand and Universal Impulses takes steps only farther down into the pit.

There are seventy five of these cassettes released by These Are Not Records, a Scarsdale, New York label. Number nineteen in their catalog. Eric Hardiman has releases all the way back to Stunned Records and also runs his own label called Tape Drift. Combining with These Are Not Records, Universal Impulses is a dense ambient offering that drips with the beauty of the world around it.

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