Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The book, Journeys Out of Body by Robert Monroe has approached it's sound forty five years later. The Outside Inflation is sound from the other world. An unknown beauty in some foreign realm. Hovering what is recognizable in your listening space like a hypnotist twirling a pendant in very front of your site. Soon your are away in the world of Skittish Arm. Endless in infinite creations never heard from home. An ambient bridge to beyond the dimension we currently perceive.

Over an hour long and there are tracks, seven of them. More like shift changes because the sound is so seamless. The mood is impressively positive and this is a amazing skill, with the approach used so mysteriously unconventional by Dylan Burchett. A droned out abyss with distances beyond calculation. The Outside Inflation is truly a spell casting for the consciousness. A mysterious force pressing a new atmospheric pressure against your body. The weight is a perfectly delighting change from the monotonous state we live in. Skittish Arm controls the mass your thoughts float through, deftly changing small amounts allowing your mind to breath. Once in, there is no start or end, only the moment of time in constant stream. There is a lot of material on this cassette and with so much variety, words are very hard to use as concise descriptions. The development of all the sounds on The Outside Inflation takes absolutely perfect amounts of time. Once you find yourself comfortable and skimming thought, Dylan evokes a change, like he is cooking your mind and it needed to be rotated for a perfect crust.

This is number fourteen for the Oklahoma label and music writing outfit PSI LAB. Sold in an edition of fifty with one left at the label, making this the only and last cassette PSI LAB has for sale as this is being written. That is pretty amazing for all labels and maybe goes to show listening to so much music helps find the really good stuff.

Fortunately Dylan has some copies for sale at his bandcamp site. Although the rest of his prolific discography is all sold out from his site. So this would be good to get fairly soon. Really a good one.

PSI LAB site - bandcamp - facebook
Skittish Arm - bandcamp