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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Atariame - Weirdo Goes to the Disco

Playing from a hazy dreamlike void, Atariame's sound cuts through and roots itself in your thoughts. Weirdo Goes to the Disco contains seven time lost tracks merging multiple genres into one contemporary sound. Glazed pop offerings drenched in an ambient mash of mysterious hypnotic vocals backed by rhythms of futuristic new wave electronics. This composition beckons you to draw closer while the enchantment of prismatic beauty finds aural pathways into your mind.

Most simply conveyed, the allure of Atariame grows with every listen. Being an outsider, these soft-hearted tunes almost seem to wisp by on the first time through. Like you are present but do not have the matured empathetic ability to truly understand. On the second listen, Atariame has shared wisdom and pulled your feelings from the cold night and closer to the flickering flames. The gossamer tones through out Weirdo Goes to the Disco are tethered to times passage with vintage polish of the early eighties. Only drawing from the past in a tributary quality, and with this moving the entire sound far into the distant future. There is a reminiscent tone to this tape reminding me of the first Flying Lizards record from 1979. Only Atariame has focused her sound in the trance like qualities of the past exchanging the avant-garde for melodic elegance.    

Released in a limited edition of forty cassettes by Rok Lok Records from Long Island. A really good choice for the label in keeping a well rounded diversity of the artist Rok Lok exposes. Copies are available from Rok Lok's bandcamp page.  

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Atariame - bandcamp - facebook