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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Azaleas - Sapphire

If every label opened up with their first release being this good....
Welcome Blank Tapes and thank you for sharing Sapphire by Azaleas. With a small amount of internet research (discogs), i noticed Azaleas was on the Rainbow Pyramid label with an extremely limited (32 copies) split tape, so very gone. From the sales log, a used copy has never even been sold. So for all fans of the ambient life force built into music, Azaleas is available.

The beauty of Sapphire is it's resting spot on the ledge looking over infinity. A composition in a precarious spot with dangling legs swinging carefree over the unknown abyss. Listening to Sapphire pushes the consciousness far into the cosmic sea. The tethers are strong and hold you securely. These sounds are positive, adventuress and soothing. They touch on the physical world and explode with aural flavor. Diversity across the six tracks is well crafted and the entire listen through is absolutely delightful. There is a hidden groovy vibe fusing with your physical presence, like an astral dew slowly burning off from the morning sun. You want to be able to understand the physics, but know better. Just take in the momentary beauty and stop thinking about anything.

Azaleas is Kyle Wade & Alice Andres-Wade. This is there first full length releases as noted on their bandcamp page. Sapphire was produced in an limited edition of thirty on the newly formed Blank Tapes, a cassette label from Denver, Colorado. Out in December, i am sure these tapes will not last long. Definitely give this listen a relaxing spot.

Blank Tapes - bandcamp