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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blueblack - Destroy

Fueled and ready, Blueblack speeds along with a fine crafted balance of driving sounds mixed with mesmerizing laid back contemplative gazing. With so much noise being made voluntarily, Destroy could lead thoughts asunder of what these sounds really are, but Blueblack's sound is well honed and tightly articulated. Heavy at times but not without knowing how to lay back and let listeners thoughts rest and catch up.

Seven tracks covering the sonic field with percussive stability. Blueblack does not really upon manipulation of sound like crazy synthesizer or special effects. So straight forward and using this approach, incredibly diverse. The tempo changes and alternations in timing of instrument use, make each track it's on affair. Because of taking the simple, and having the talent to exploit the melody in that context, Destroy is extremely solid in composition. "Branches Broke" is one track that uses spoken word reminding me a little of another New York band "Bongwater". The fifth track, "Spaghetti Western" holds the key to the footing of Blueblack. A instrumental rock ballad telling the story of both sides of the equation making up Destroy. From the slow swirl in the beating abysmal depths to psychedelic guitar riffs lifting above and tackling your consciousness.

Destroy was released in August of 2016 in a very limited edition of fifty. From Long Island, New York and partnering with Rok Lok Records also from Long Island, this is a stout composition showing off the sounds and creativity from the area. Copies are currently available from the labels bandcamp page. 

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Blueblack - bandcamp - facebook