Quickly Sold Out


Sunday, January 15, 2017

christophe bailleau - porcelaine

Obscure transference of energy captured by Christophe Bailleau. Playful manipulations of melodies marred in the static of ambient haze. Sounds pulse with gossamer harmonies delivered with the best use of stereo technology. Porcelaine is a sparkling beauty similar to how water looks cascading over rocks in the steady flow of a mountain tributary. Tones are drenched then explode from the medium of dense molecules into the crisp air above. Let this listen send you with it's captivating current.

Over a half hour of mildly turbulent enchantment divided into six tracks blending seamlessly together. Like calliope music played for a steam driven carousel submerged in a crystal blue spring. Sounds are like faces of children and an assortment of animals grinning various smiles as light reflects from mirrors and murals. There is a driving resonance from skilled hands on the synthesizer. Slower speeds mesmerize the consciousness into dream states. Awakened by the increasing centrifugal force as the mind focuses on incantations of the composers control. The mood is effervescent and sends monotonous routines to little concern. Porcelaine traverses the sonic spectrum and connects the start with a circle of delightful form. A true pleasure to play continually as this juxtaposes ambient intensities with deft skill.

Working at the most productive rate without glazing over the sounds results in ocassions where words are delivered after the releases have sold out. Unfortunately this is the case for Christophe Bailleau's release of Porcelaine. Just arriving in December, these tapes are all ready sold out from Cosmic Winnetou's site. Try giving Christophe a message if you are interested in a copy or add this to your want list on discogs.  

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud
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