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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Deadman's Ghost - Hypocritical Oath

Mysterious hooks dropped from above the atmosphere. A micro thin line attaching them to the far reaches of the sky. They produce alluring sounds and beckon for ears to listen closer. Pulling you away into the world of Deadman's Ghost, where songs, sounds and melodies dazzle then dissect your thoughts. Hypocritical Oath is celestial folk, gleaming harmonies infiltrated by unknown galactic particles. Warmth of fireside tunes with a bright star lit sky hanging above. The venue is both charmingly comfortable and grandiosely ominous  simultaneously.

Hypocritical Oath has the perfect ingredients, making this a composition resonating to delightful appreciation for a wide swath of listeners. The first track sounds like a prologue for spirits to settle down on the earthly plane. Electronics noises twisting and tuning in for an Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot styled drifting duet ballad on "Paper Figurines". The best song to song transitions ever, with each new track connecting in some way with the last but incredibly divergent. Instrumental tracks like "Unsaid" with beautiful banjo then changing to macabre electronics on "Trepanner". Light and dark lyrics (I bite you flesh and drink your blood) with an even more amusing song title, "Neck Romancer".... Then to a droning inner and outer atmosphere finish with "The Tree at the End of the World" and "Oil of Vitriol". Hypocritical Oath is a fine aural trek that swoops through the world of consciousness and departs to the next physic populace.

Released by the New York label Ephem-Aural on cassette in November. Deadman's Ghost is Jason Mills from Belfast, family and friends. In a limited edition of fifty, these are currently available from the label's bandcamp page. Worth all the time to give your attention too.

Ephem-Aural - bandcamp - facebook
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