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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Electric Sound Bath - Moon Drip

Electric Sound Bath has become over saturated and imparted a magnum opus on cassette. Finding home on Fluere Tapes and delivering the lengthy Moon Drip. Ambient tones for spiritual departures, majestic in the most grandeur sense. These sounds travel high, with vibrations tuned for ethereal ears. The astounding aspect of this group and composition is the organic instrumentation, an other-worldly undertaking colliding with very earthly sounds.

Moon Drip holds within a vast amount of material. The sides are divided between three tracks recorded at one point in time and then the second side, recorded on it's own accord. The first side bends sounds around the consciousness, creating a medium for thoughts to expand and move outward. Floating ambient waves with sustained guitar melodies. Then enveloped by "Whorl", a cozy drone with sparkling notes slowly drifting away. Emptiness awaiting the return of warmth which arrives with even more emphasis than before. The last track on the first side is the most subdued. "Warm Soap" quiets thoughts. A long organic ambient drone, dense like a protective liquid around sentient beings. Almost sinuous with notes that move like night creatures in the wilderness.

"Music For Train Stations" is the one lengthy composition of the second side. This was recorded at Union Station in Las Angeles. The public address system snaps you into realty for a brief moment in the start. From there, this forty five minute journey takes you through a world of mystery and imagination. Stops across the vast emptiness for playful smatterings of notes, rising like smoke from homes dotting the landscape. Steel wheels, contracting and expanding couplings, ever so subliminally returning to movement through space.

Fluere Tapes released Moon Drip in November of last year. This has been listened to many times and continually perplexes me on it's beauty. The words i have used are only glimpses of thoughts brought to the surface. Electric Sound Bath is ambient magic you will need to hear in your own space.    

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