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Saturday, January 7, 2017

International Surrealist Bulletin - Communitas

Spiritual and tribal sounds from International Surrealist Bulletin. A world where percussion is the light through dense arrays of transistors humming in a droning continuum. Music for movement of insects, alluring dances in a realm always foreshadowed by peril. Perilously balancing the rhythm of thought above chasms filled with mist and mystery. The tone is some what worrying but the striking beats are the pathway through the effects.

Communitas is close to forty minutes in length and separated by five tracks. The format remains consistent through the entire cassette with minimal spoken word on the  the fourth track "House of Asterion", as the only true deviation. These sounds swirl in complexity, both heavy and playful beats created from different instrumentation overlaid on a world of electronic surrealism. Like walking across a tightrope, steps in a dancing balancing cadence as the depths below call for you to fall. There is a native vibe that permeates the entire composition, but the origins of this may as well be from other worlds. Ben & Nicholas Dumbauld are channeling a foreign and unknown dimension for all of us to hear.

This is the third cassette from the label Ephem-Aural for International Surrealist Bulletin. Released in June of 2016 in an edition of fifty. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page as well as the first two tapes by International Surrealist Bulletin. Listening through previous releases by this project, Communitas seems to be their most focused output to this point. 

Ephem-Aural - bandcamp - facebook
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