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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jerusalem and the Starbaskets - L​.​A. Freeze

This is a record you could pull from a thrift store bin and be amazed when the stylus lands on the vinyl. Timeless country rock vibes spinning back to the late sixties and early seventies. There are some clues to a modern frame surrounding this vintage sounds, but there is no reason to investigate. Jerusalem and the Starbaskets has crafted a truck stop anthem for rest after the road has torn you down. All you need to do is have a hot drink or cold beverage and listen.

L​.​A. Freeze is a full length record with ten well composed tracks. Like a continuous route from Athens, Georgia to Memphis, Tennessee, it is hard to tell where Jerusalem and the Starbaskets have ever stopped for refueling. Pop styled psychedelic country mixed with mutated punk rock, baked and then iced with thoughtful lyrics. A triangle reaching from Greenwich Village to Haight-Ashbury and then back to home in a run down rural town of the south. There is vast amount of depth and influence that can be heard on  L​.​A. Freeze. Remarkably for as tattered and spent these songs seem, they are bright, clear and well honed. Sounding like the band playing every Saturday night at the local pool hall is only the guise they have established for those paying attention to the surface. With just a little bit of musical appreciation and understanding, Jerusalem and the Starbaskets opens up to being extremely complex and well composed. After a few listens, their sound will pull you into it's roots.

This was released in December on Hitt Records out of Columbia, Missouri. Complete with lyrics on the insert and the card for a digital copy, this is one lp that should not be overlooked. Copies are available from Hitt Records bandcamp page or

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Jerusalem and the Starbaskets - bandcamp - facebook