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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lost Trail - A Retreat More Than A Surrender

Broken sounds glued together. The pieces are not seamless. This music is an amalgamation of notes and memories. Like a vintage reel of film showing cracks of light onto the screen. A Retreat More Than A Surrender is a photo album of sound with unknown faces grinning with timeless joy.

The massive wall of textures builds in the sea of sound and moves towards the consciousness. Over-saturated drone dripping as the focal point can not hold anymore. A Retreat More Than A Surrender subtly paints the world in stereoscopics. Ambient dreamscapes with willow wisps beckoning your thoughts in infinite directions. Lost Trail's world, a project by Zachary and Denny Corsa, is both dense and sparse simultaneously. The tones are timeless and the feelings so completely earnest. Some how the radio dial turned to frequencies eliciting the hand to stop rotation as the mind begin to wonder how endless broadcasts have invaded this single tuning. A pastoral effort bringing the static of the airwaves down to ground level and blanketing the fields it always moves above. Each track holds itself apart and adding them all together creates a most beautiful composition. This could be the best release by Lost Trail that i have heard so far and there are many.

Released on Geology Records in August of 2016. About forty minutes over ten tracks.  A perfect fit for the label slowly churning out of the best music from experienced artists. There are not many of these left, so get a copy soon or be left to discogs for future obtainment.

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
Lost Trail - bandcamp