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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lung Cycles - On Being Lumpy (2016 Edition)

Technically this could be the first Lung Cycles release as it was recorded long ago from 2010. Originally released on a limited run of fifty CD-Rs in 2011, On Being Lumpy has found a second home on cassette format for the end of 2016. Lily Tapes & Discs from Rochester, New York has also given Lung Cycles a first non split release with previous other staple label mates. Hopefully this explains the (2016 Edition) parenthesization in the tapes title, but unfortunately does little for describing the music within. The next paragraph will hopefully tackle that.

Ben Lovell the musician behind the project Lung Cycles has been making music for a good amount of time. Taking the beauty folk simpleness both in instrumentation and vocals, then combining experimentation in sound. Gently pushing on the boundaries, with crucial diversity in instrument selection and track length across both the ambient and field noise spectrum. On Being Lumpy is a massive en devour with close to forty five minutes in length. The tone Ben holds on to is similar to the reposeful feel of a mountain stream with clouds looming overhead. Turbulence lurks up the hillside and could be on the descending path at any time. Quietly ominous, whispers in the woods to keep asleep what is sleeping. Shaded porch lullabies, baked by thick humidity and finding temperance in late evening hours. This lo-fi singer song writer style connected me back to K Records and a band called the Microphones. Similar dulcet and hushed tones with ability to ingeniously clamor for your attention.

On Being Lumpy was released in the 2016 edition of fifty cassettes. Taking on new art and pro printing by Jeremy Ferris.

Lily Tapes & Discs site  - bandcamp - facebook