Quickly Sold Out


Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hidden deep in space, marehelm slowly move into the solar system. Like Nibiru, only ancient text are familiar with the mystery. Dark sounds droning just above silence. Light summits above planetary horizons then disappears as the project lingers in the shadows. You could classify this as an epic ambient journey, but only for those with an understanding of where the thresholds of music can lead. Emptiness is beautiful and lonely.

Spanning close to forty minutes, marehelm has three tracks but plays like one long composition. The texture is dense, resembling a massive array of organ pipes breathing inwards instead of out. Like a galactic magnet, sounds are pulled from massive space, and channeled onto the cassette. There is a thought, all processes are in reverse. Waiting for this energy to be pushed forth as awareness becomes even more mired in this strange place. There are a few moments on the tape that pull on the tightly woven fabric, tears in the sonic field. This does little compared to the solitude your spirit will become entwined with. The deviation just confirms someone else is in control.

Released on Cosmic Winnetou in December of 2016. There are seventy in this edition and they are currently available from the labels site. marehelm has three previous releases on three other labels over the last couple of years. All of which have disappeared into the world of cassette collections.

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud
Marehelm - bandcamp