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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nevada Greene / Scott Tuma - Ragged Hollow

Wind is music and Nevada Greene and Scott Tuma can be heard swaying branches of tall trees. A split on vinyl by these two artists is calming medicine for turntables and those who love the analog softness. One track per side by each artist, spun at a swift forty five revolutions per minute. Beautifully delivered by Hitt Records from Columbia, Missouri. The end comes quicker than you will ever want, but this only adds to elementary quality of such a concise composition.

Nevada Greene found early recording roots with Dismal Niche, a label i have been very fond of since the start of Lost In A Sea Of Sound. Their track on this split titled "Earthquake Hollow" blends electric guitar and violin with the world outside. Sweet blues melodies for birds to rest and ponder the long distances they travel. A heartland sound emanating from seasoned artists and the temperance they have developed. The end falls to droning silence as man made chimes ring with avian speech. A delicate collaboration of sentience from two worlds.

Scott Tuma's track "All The Ragged Glory" imparts a land filled with tired souls. Worn from war or work, these melodies rattle with steel strings from old instruments and tired hands. Euphonious harmony from picked notes telling heroic stories of old spirits and the suffrage they endured. Epic in the sense of the dream like orchestra accompanying the tales. Heads looking down, too weary from the long journey, spark higher awareness and bring full emotion to the surface. Think the trek home by the survivors of the American Civil War or the endless work involved with farming in unfavorable conditions. The tracks title is so well stated with Scott's composition on this side.

This is the third release for Hitt Records. Completed in October of 2016, the label has three more recent releases following this and they are all available on their bandcamp page. The first two Hitt Record releases are here at their brick and mortar record store. If you are in Columbia and reading this far, I am sure you know where this is. Here is the stores address for reference and potential visitors to the city: 10 Hitt Street, Columbia, Missouri 65201

Hitt Records - bandcamp - store - facebook