Ringo - Monocarpic

When everything quiets down and your time has arrived for simplicity, listen to Monocarpic by Ringo. A sweetly paced string picking through a vibrant sun drenched field. This composition stays out of the dark woods traversing only the most exquisite place in thinking minds.

Seven tracks around thirty minutes in length. Monocarpic tightly focuses in patience, resulting or revealing the most basic beauty of music. Like floating down a river or moving from wind pushed sails, a natural tempo for the movement of thoughts through space. Perceptible, gentle, all together mesmerizing. Ringo plays strings creating sounds to draw you closer. The third track, "Open Source Immolation" deviates towards melancholy monastic harmony in vocals as the instruments find their way to accompaniment. The fourth track titled "3", resumes with sleepy resonating picking accented off the solid steel strings of the banjo. "Post Grass" slips away into droning parallel dimensions, making sure their are no boundaries Ringo has left unexplored. The last two tracks focus back again to Monocarpic's beginnings,allowing emotions to soar freely in the space Ringo and this composition thrive in.

This was released in November by Geology Records. Monocarpic is in an edition of one hundred and copies are available from the labels bandcamp page. Beautiful artwork with the recorded spools encased in clear cassette bodies. As a longtime banjo player, i really enjoy how Ringo takes the instrument into new light. Absolutely delightful!

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

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