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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Original Flowering Earth / CRESCENT COAST - Elliptical / OVAL DRIP

Blank Tapes from Denver, Colorado with the third release of their first batch. This one is an expansive ambient plane that gently settles like an opened blanket floating down. A split between The Original Flowering Earth and Crescent Coast. Both with one side long track exploring the tranquility our lives seem to speed past. Each composition aloft like a thick sheet of cirrostratus clouds high in the atmosphere. The sun's light, only slightly diffused, similar to consciousnesses being ever so pleasantly nudged.

The Original Flowering Earth's track is titled "Elliptical". Just under twenty minutes of blissful night quietness. Field recordings of droning crickets and cicadas combined with meditative tones. Creating together the sounds that touch on instincts we were born with. One part connecting us to the mortal vessels we reside in and the other to where are spirits will one day go. "Elliptical" is perfectly cooked and beckons repeated listens. Also explore more of The Original Flowering Earth's releases at there bandcamp page.

Crescent Coast perfectly balances the other side with the track "Oval Drip". Thoughtful drone providing tones to heighten awareness. This composition steadily maintains itself, changing in a glacial time spectrum. The beauty so subtle, the continual transitions are never felt. "Oval Drip" is a patient lullaby for a future time, fortunately we can enjoy this in the present.

This split on Blank Tapes was released in a very limited edition of thirty. According to the little supported by squares on the bandcamp page, this release has the most supporters of all three Blank Tape releases. Meaning do not procrastinate, at a run of thirty, these will disappear quickly.

Blank Tapes - bandcamp