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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bus Gas - Live On Leave Us

An all out foray into the vast expanse. Sound traveling from the xyz axis on an infinite journey. Strings bending and sustaining with the drone from notes in synthetic fields. Paralleling a natural grassland with electronic winds causing blades to sway. An ocean of ambient current, rolling across the landscape with the most beautiful energy.

Two side long tracks make up Live On Leave Us. The first, "Top Ten Funerals" slowly heats up as sound vibrates with the transference of consciousness. Sparseness interrupted by cosmic debris trails then dissipating into the infinite continuum. Like a giant pipe organ being torn from it's foundation and spun into space with pipes still playing. A radio antenna picking up distant signals as time goes on. The second side is titled "Infinity Cymbals", an oracle perched on some remote planetary peak, emitting homage in sound. The culmination of sentience in the solar system, thoughts projected into the universe in harmonic epiphany. Densely textured sounds woven from centuries of a civilizations existence.

Have been a fan of Bus Gas for six years now. The new release Live On Leave Us on Spring Break Tapes was so nice to see and even better to listen to. This was released in an edition of one hundred in January. Available from Spring Break Tapes site. Physical copies will be gone, like all releases on the label. So do not wait too long.

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