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Friday, February 17, 2017

colin andrew sheffield & james eck rippie - essential anatomies

How many times have i listened to these tapes..... Words seem like a useless tool for describing these sounds. Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie have joined forces and created Essential Anatomies. There are two cassettes. They are named the same but in the description of the most recent cassette released on January 20th, the words second volume are included. To help differentiate these releases, the man/woman ballerina cover is the first in the series, released in June of last year, also cataloged as eeaoa41. The woman with flowers and birds cover was just released this year and is cataloged as eeaoa42.

Both releases contain side long tracks averaging about twenty three minutes each. All total, this series is over ninety minutes, and it is an astounding journey. The ambient world Colin and James have created seems reminiscent to the deepest ocean depths. Darkness and almost immobilizing pressure grip your senses. There is a new freedom though, you are listening to something yet to be discovered. Sounds undulate into focus and individually reveal themselves. Electric disbursement of unknown processes combined with an architecture taking millions of years to create. Most astonishingly, there seems to be very little patterns. This world of sound changes completely over the course of both tapes, yet never seems to change tone or texture. A droning backdrop is persistent while the most delicate dazzle of creativity dances across the canvass. Your thoughts will be pushed and pulled until eventually submitting the fact understanding is beyond comprehension. So i tried to tune this composition in with the equivalent of a flat head screw driver. The sides are pried open and the magical creations are slowly seeping out.

Both in editions of one hundred from the beautiful Elevator Bath label in Austin, Texas. If you want to pick up both cassettes, do not delay, eeaoa41 is down to five left. There is more to read about Colin & James but i will leave that for the label to describe. Get these tapes. They sound better and better after each listen. Years from now, when one finds the cozy home in your player again, you will be proud to have purchased these.  

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