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Friday, February 10, 2017

Expo Seventy - America Here & Now Sessions

Tightly woven sound tapestry. Resting in majesty, adding life to the immense density. Expo Seventy is the fabric of music. The details worked on meticulously. Time drifts on and listening to the quality of this craftsmanship is forever appreciated. Singularly a juggernaut of a composition combined with a body of work extending like silk threads from a spider's web. Expo Seventy has complete authority to work your spirit, pushing towards revitalization of the every day.

America Here & Now Sessions is divided into three movements, looming around the hour mark. The sounds bask themselves in the dense low rumble of primordial drone. Snake like grooves only showing their patterns in the filtered light. Theses sessions fall into the ambient abyss, percussion crashing in symbolic harmony as the notes thump against the steep descent of the aural escarpment. Pageantry in a glorious procession towards inner conceptions. Expo Seventy is a heavy weight prize fighter and America Here & Now Sessions will knock you down without hesitation.

Have been listening to Expo Seventy since first discovering them on the Sonic Meditations label. America Here & Now Sessions is released on Essence Music. A label from Brazil specializing in making music as beautiful to hold as to listen to. This release exemplifies the standards of Essence Music. There are three physical options, a compact disc version in an edition of two hundred, a long play version with one hundred and sixty on black vinyl and one hundred and forty on gold vinyl, and the sold out special edition of one hundred and nineteen copies. This write up and pictures are obviously for the cd version. For all Expo Seventy fans and any new to this project, get this, start here, and certainly check it out.  

Essence Music site - bandcamp
Expo Seventy site - bandcamp - facebook