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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

jim haynes - flammable materials from foreign lands

Listen to the hidden world above. Radio waves in an infinite sea undulating in the negative fathoms above the planets surface. An ocean of expanding frequencies lost in the currents of time. Silent and forgotten, sonic swells crashing and corrupted by the the varying pressures of molecules above. Haunting when heard for the first time, becoming mysterious then magical as we listen on.

Flammable materials from foreign lands absorbs then exposes an entirely new dimension of sound. Like crackling fire of an atmosphere asunder. Jim Haynes is the conduit for this blanket of energy we move underneath for our entire lives. Tapping in and adjusting the knobs brings these foreign sounds into focus. Like the tiny creatures living and feasting on human skin, physical bodies are being pummeled with frequencies each and every moment, without feeling or understanding. With Jim Haynes artistic and technical skills, he has created the pathway for this vibrant world to reach into your consciousness. Now what once was deflected has a new route into the spirit. The feelings created rely upon individual appreciation for pushing thresholds and our patience for artistry to develop. Any single segment of flammable materials from foreign lands is an almost blistering sound pill to digest. But taken as one complete infinite course, the composition is a ancient white dwarf of wisdom.

The first side consistent of three tracks bending the spectrum from almost violent abrasiveness to a beautifully crafted field recorded drone. These sounds can not be pinned by time or place, existing in adjacent physical dimensions but unheard till now. The second side is one long track titled "electric speech: nadiya". Stirring voice across desolate drone. Like the Cosmonaut lost on a space walk. Detached from the tether and rotating on a six or so second revolution, facing earth and then empty space. As the planets reflection brightens the doomed souls visor, sounds are captured by the linear antenna. Not mission control chatter, but a nostalgia gone for ever, disrupted as the direction turns towards the abyss of space. There is no way around, this is a deeply lonely offering, touching on the briefness we all experience.

Flammable materials from foreign lands was released in November of 2016 on the label Elevator Bath. A heavy hitter from Austin, Texas with a massive catalog. For this release, combining with Jim Haynes, the The Helen Scarsdale Agency proprietor, and prolific artist/musician. My version is the black vinyl. Fitting for these darker tones. Elevator Bath is going to help you through with clear vinyl and posters while they have them.

elevator bath site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
jim haynes/The Helen Scarsdale Agency - bandcamp - facebook