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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Monte Burrows - The Concentration of Brown Owls

The sounds of industrial man can be both distracting and mesmerizing. Sudden shrill sounds, loud noises or the drone of mechanical processes. Monte Burrows has tapped into the later, taking consistence and subtle ambient domain, composing a landscape where organic tendrils have infiltrated the conduits and circuitry.

The Concentration of Brown Owls is what seems like two side long tracks, but actually is partitioned into eight pieces. Creating sonic vistas for the mind to absorb. Each side uses field recordings of birds (owls). The first more industrial, crafted in a manner to balance both nature and complex mechanics. The second side slightly more melodic, with the avian world hauntingly adding lyrics. The entire cassette pushes music to the precipice. Excellent in maintaining disintegrating harmony and distancing these tones from sheer noise. Diversity throughout while adhering to a well formatted framework. Making The Concentration of Brown Owls a composition that will strengthen with each listen.

The use of birds in this context is very well thought out. These flying creatures are the most abundant animals coexisting with man. Having the ability to lift themselves away from problems, birds have infused themselves in man's most harsh human environments. Busy city streets, factories and stadiums filled with people. Monte Burrows has exposed this in sound and crafted a unique listen into a world that many times goes with out notice.

In an edition of one hundred on the Dinzu Artefacts label. This is the first release for the label and is available for purchase. There are many artists to explore on Dinzu Artefacts. Everything revolving around the hub of music on the fringe.


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