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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mytrip - Filament

Follow the roots down through the murk. Becoming smaller and permeable, functioning to absorb nutrients for the mass above. Mytrip has gathered these life sustaining molecules, compressing them with massive force. Creating a dense environment where sound lies heavy across the listening spectrum. Drone music that never hears the melodies of the world above. Alien to a culture built on three minute pop songs with sing along cadence. A sonic world composed in tones of separation and complete forlornness.

Yes it is beautiful. Listening through the mind Angel Simitchiev, a journey without light. Grandiose sound textures holding thoughts in stasis. There is no float or drift in cosmic expanse, only the magnificence of the singularity. Six tracks connected by the pressure Filament resides in. An ambient landscape where sound does not swirl, only microscopic explosions sustained in a rich pure blackness. Amplified for consciousnesses to connect and experience. The consistency consumes directions, paralyzing the body in motionless serenity. This is a droning heavy weight for the understanding few. The world separated and moving as far away as possible.

Filament is released both on cassette and vinyl. The tape version constructed in combination with Amek Collective and Serpent Eve Records, while the vinyl produced by Amek Collective on it's own.
One hundred editions of the cassette, now down to three. Two hundred and twenty pressings on black vinyl. Both available from the bandcamp page. Angel Simitchiev resides in Bulgaria as well as Amek Collective and Serpent Eve Records.   

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