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Friday, February 10, 2017

MZK - iSetSail!

This could be a first, having a cassette and writing about it before being released. Thank you Bloxham Tapes. This is their fourth release and the groove is starting to show. Aptly titled iSetSail! and expertly crafted by Michał Zygmunt Kruszyński (MZK), BT04 pushes off into a slightly more accessible world for even more listener's taste. Taking a step away from mysterious ambient civilizations, cryptic spoken word and the depths of rumbling drone, iSetSail! crosses into the pulsating ambient smokiness. Shimmering tunes for the motion of life.

MZK has recorded ten tracks on this release. Sounding more akin to one long composition as this plays in full on each side of the tape. iSetSail! is completely captivating, maintaining excellent flow and changing with enough creativity to always be intriguing. There really is a lot in this composition, Michał Zygmunt Kruszyński has very sweet talent. The tones tilt towards a futuristic world of yet to be understood creations. Moving in cadence to rhythms we recognize and rhythms we don't. Seeming like the cassette was almost transported from future to past, sounds almost damaged in the energy needed for displacement. The melodies dance in your digital cerebral cortex then seamlessly become something else. A nice introspective thinker for sparking personal space change.

Yes Bloxham Tapes! Thanks for sending this before everyone else gets to hear it. I feel fortunate and will always handle this edition with sentiment. And thank you Michał, because this is a most outstanding composition.

Bloxham Tapes - bandcamp