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Friday, February 24, 2017

Namo - Only Human​.​.​. Only Machine

The west coast, specifically southern California, is factory headquarters for avant-garde sounds in hip-hop, downtempo, or what ever you want to classify this style as. Previously i have connected with Bonding Tapes from San Diego. A label leading me down a new path in completely fresh music listening. Now arriving in Long Beach at the industrial roller door of Dystopian Caveman. A label shrouded in mystery and the foreshadowing of the unraveling of society. Preparing a soundtrack of music for the forthcoming world of AI consciousness.

For this edition, DCM has let the recording machine run it's full course. Capturing a full dosage of NAMO and titling this behemoth Only Human​.​.​. Only Machine. The connecting fibers holding the start to finish of this composition together have a poker-faced purpose. There is an underlying seriousness in construction, taking a vintage hip hop tone and drop kicking these beats far into the future. There are moments when you are hypnotized by nostalgic riffs, then pushed of the couch by a whirl of sonic flurry. This reminds me of an album from the past titled Project: Funk the World by Craig Mack. Both Namo and Craig Mack have a rhythmic industrial resonance that embodies the automated future. For Only Human​.​.​. Only Machine, side A takes grip and pounds your thoughts with an unending gale of beat trickery. And with the operators realizing the white knuckled response, Side B enters into cruise. At least in my listening experience, there is a feeling the tape seems to let you chill more towards the end. Enjoy this preview because the mechanoid exterminators of the human race will be blasting Only Human​.​.​. Only Machine as their weapons fire in genocidal harmony.

As mentioned before, this is a Dystopian Caveman release. This was released at the end of December last year. Not sure how many of these there are or if there are any tapes at all. My suggestion is to contact the label and inquire about a physical copy. You can purchase the digital from their bandcamp page.   

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