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Friday, February 10, 2017

Nino - EGG

Like the site of humans here on earth, we see in the light spectrum where definition is created. Moving into infra-red or ultra violet, lines become distorted. The world of Nino has no definitive edges. Sounds are amorphous. Swirling electronic currents sometimes clashing to cause a vibrant energy expansion. This is the best style of drone, a live and freely improvised journey of consciousnesses, connecting with universal impulses, channeling this array for everyone to hear. 

Two side long long tracks just coming in at a half hour in total length. EGG travels through space, sounds guided by specs of brightness light years away. This live composition breathes cosmic particles as the infinite drone is harbored below the surface. Aliyah Hussain & John Powell-Jones are the artists in control of this flight path. Guiding the composition through the strain of gravity, notes being pulled and elongated then disappearing into the light less abyss. Nino delivers a beautiful patient performance, vividly organic and densely textured. The tones float your thoughts and dangle their mysteries for minds to absorb.

Did i say Bloxham Tapes yet? Lost in a Sea of Sound described Wingéd Ma'at back in July of last year. This was the first release for the label. Nino takes the third spot and was released in December of 2016. Thirty five copies boxed and ready like cassette gifts. Bloxham Tapes is going to gain tons of speed this year. Get any tapes while you can.

Bloxham Tapes - bandcamp