Quickly Sold Out

Friday, March 24, 2017

Already Dead VI: Never Die Compilation

Never Die is an Already Dead Tapes and Records compilation released in the fall of last year. This is the sixth annual massive collection of Already Dead artists. Over ninety minutes and twenty five artists on the recorded tape, with almost two hours and thirty two tracks on the digital. You can download the digital complimentary from the labels bandcamp page.

I have listen to this cassette many times. There are so many genres and styles included on Never Die. Ambient, singer-songwriter, rap, rock, experimental, electronic, and as always with Already Dead, just plain off the spectrum. The strength is in the diversity of the artists and how well the tracks are lined up. There is an ebb and flow making the entire listen one to be reheard many times.

Available at the labels bandcamp page. In the days of five dollar cassettes, this is a one of the best purchases available.

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