Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Anybody But The Cops - The Shape of Punk To​-​Go

Finding the one spot where guitar, drums and bass fervently buzz over every inch of your consciousness. Eight minutes partitioned into four tracks, Anybody But The Cops is a stunt filled free fall that is over before the parachute ever opens.

The Shape of Punk To​-​Go is like a million piece jigsaw puzzle being assembled beyond human speed. Each component oddly shaped on the outside of the whole, then dexterously placed without hesitation. The balance of instrumentation is a beautifully striking feature. Everything can be deciphered on it's own ground and simultaneously working together as one. Quick and precise, that is Anybody But The Cops.

Released on the label Already Dead Tapes and Records. Gathering the four corners of the music rug and always looking for the spilled gems hidden in the fibers. An edition of three hundred and available on the labels bandcamp page.


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