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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Future Museums - Visibile Nest

Delightful ambient playfulness. Dreamlike adventure for window gazing while moving across the land. Future Museums touches the meditative tones of drone, sending notes like sparks in a controlled crescendo across the listening space. There is a mysteriousness in this composition, just enough to allow the mind to wander. Hazy goodness drifting just above your consciousness then sinking to completely immerse your feelings in a meditative stasis.

Visibile Nest is eight tracks arriving just under forty five minutes in length. This is a project by Neil Lord, a solo composition this time, even though Future Museums has included other musician for previous recordings. Ruminative vibrations on strings, hypnotizing and simultaneously thought provoking. Guitar, piano and synthesizer arranged with delicacy and deft skill. Timeless in approach, reaching back to the meditative movement of the seventies then pushing the thresholds into a distant era to come. Drone like in soothing repetitive notes overlaid with splendid amorphous ambient fascination. Visibile Nest reminds me of a very superb double lp i purchased a few years ago on the Numero Group label by Jordan De La Sierra titled Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose. This was originaly recorded in 1978 on Unity Records. Both recordings embody a graceful essence, allowing the heart to lift and rest in tranquility.

A cassette release on the Keeled Scales label from Austin, Texas. Released in the middle of January, Visibile Nest is in an edition of one hundred. Only seven currently remain, so do not wait, they will be gone soon. 

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