Geology Records - A Pre-Release Look

Geology Records has two essential mind smoldering drone stunners lined up for a late April release. Preorders should start this Friday. Maybe seventy five or possible only fifty of each. Very sure that most cassettes sell out from the label. Solid drone music always seems to go even quicker. Get your ears on these at the end of the week and hear Geology's first for 2017. I will add sound samples once available. Here is the link for when preorders are ready Geology Records.

        Greenhouse - Lapse 
             A thick and dense crystal clear current traveling in an eddy around your consciousness. The tones push the threshold of ominous, but hang back in grandiose refinement.


Former Selves - The Heart Wants
Emptiness slowly filled with higher level vibrations. Like ripples across a flat sea, eventually the formation is at one with itself. Sounds pulsating in basking rays of energy.  

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

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