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Friday, March 17, 2017

Graham Repulski - I'm Even Younger Now

Graham Repulski digs in and with proper anchoring fires the temporal sonic distortion ray again. I'm Even Younger Now is fifteen tracks sprawled across both time and distance. Pleasant melodies and vocals giving way to all out frequency disruption. After last years big box set Re​-​Arranged At Hotel Strange, there seems like a recharging period would be needed. Graham has giant talent and his creativity is unbounded. His style is consistent, offering both distorted noise laden beats and more solemn reflective moments. I'm Even Younger Now is a great starting point if you have not discovered Graham Repulski. If you have, add this to Graham's vast output and find more favorites.

Released in January in an edition of one hundred. Unique covers for many cassettes. Check out the assortment on his bandcamp page while listening to this well spun composition.

Graham Repulski on bandcamp and facebook