Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hit School - Hit School

Hit School impacts anyone in earshot with scorching musical shrapnel. The rhythms are spiraling obtuse triangles landing with points down and vertices slightly above the surface. The weight of these sounds forcing thoughts into a smothered paralysis. The entire tape plays with relentless guitar, bass, drums and agonized vocals. Be prepared for sonic annihilation.

Only twenty minutes long and nine tracks of warped tuned penetration. Played in a slightly askew dimension, the fierceness of the music trying to cross the vortex and the voice shedding the torment existing on the other side. Maybe this is Hasil Adkins trapped in some rocking noise hell. One thing is Hit School can lay it down without repose. Makes Shellac's At Action Park like a day in the park.

Released by Already Dead Tapes and Records in the late middle of last year. There is one copy of one hundred, remaining for sale on the labels bandcamp page. That says all that needs to be conveyed.

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