Quickly Sold Out

Friday, March 17, 2017


Sometimes music lurks on the periphery waiting for the most opportune time to start sound wave penetration. Like it has it's own consciousness surveying your thoughts then nudging you for a listening opportunity. "Jerusalem—Electric" caught me of guard, patiently waiting for the time needed. Then kidney punching me and laughing, because these were sounds i like.

Nine tracks and not all that long, Blake Marlo the creative behind "Jerusalem—Electric", delivers a well crafted composition. Decaying pop enthusiasm, replaced by punk roots then slowed down for a well sustained cruise. Talent and wit make this cassette both engaging and energetic. Music for the idealistic ride through the conforming landscapes of societies constructs. "Jerusalem—Electric" will keep you on your own path, amused by the surroundings and energized by deviant beats. Blake's prose are simply descriptive and salient in their observations. The entire listen stretches across the music timeline and disappears into the future.

Releases on Trash Dog Records in October, a label out of Cookeville, Tennessee. "Jerusalem—Electric" is in both cassette and compact disc formats. Tape inventory is getting low, so do not wait long if you are interested in purchasing a copy. 

Trash Dog Records - facebook - bandcamp