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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Julia Lucille - Bedroom Tapes, Volume One

Native sounds connecting the past to the future. Julia Lucille weaves a magnificent tapestry of melody and serenity. Stripped down instrumentation, a canvas of heritage for ethereal delivery. A voice for Ulysses with siren like consonance, only placidity awaits rather than demise. Words and whispers blurred across the listening field. Music that looses you until ready to be found.

This cassette is aptly titled Bedroom Tapes, Volume One. So true to the fact you can faintly here the the clicks of the recordings stopping. And this being the case, Julia is to the highest degree a brilliantly gifted artist. Timing and a sea of patience, set these tracks in graceful motion. Another aspect of Julia's skill is her refrain from seemingly trying to hard. There is a propensity for this style of music to push too much and arrive contrived. Bedroom Tapes settles down like a bird landing in a strong wind. The difficulty made easy by inherent ability. Twelve tracks lie awake in bed and are ready to tell their magical story.

This tape is released on the Austin, Texas label Keeled Scales in the early part of February. Produced in an edition of one hundred cassettes and are currently available at the label's website. She has a long play coming out in April titled Chthonic that will also be on the Keeled Scales label.

Keeled Scales site - bandcamp - facebook
Julia Lucille site - bandcamp - facebook