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Monday, March 20, 2017

Storm Ross - Welcome, Sunshine

Really amazing to listen to new music and have little to compare it to. Storm Ross bends a magical arc of sounds across the horizon. A sea of creativity produces songs taking you genre hopping. Influences from times passage reverberate through theses tracks like smoke from a tempered fire. Ironically Welcome, Sunshine is more of the future in sound. Traditional guitar, bass and drums tilted on an uneven slope and heading at hyperbolic escape velocity trajectory.

Storm Ross delivers ten tracks at around forty minutes in length. There is a grand consistency maintained thought out the composition. No vocals, just a barrage of well played instruments with little sonic trickery. Sometimes straight forward rock with touches of no wave freak out. The saxophone playing coupled with blistering guitar licks strongly push Welcome, Sunshine past traditional thresholds. This is not without counter balance. Many of the songs are slower paced forays allowing the ears left behind time to catch up. This is needed because Storm Ross can explode with fury and drain listening constitutions at any moment. The transition from the fourth track "You Will End!" to the following track "A Life of Passwords", is a good example of the complexity lurking within this recording. And then "Lamentation" after that, droning canvas with guitar sparks leading the way. Kept going with "Atheon", worldly influenced paradise! Listen a few times and you will begin to understand.

Available on Already Dead Tapes and Records in both cassette and yellow vinyl format. Released in the fall of last year. Kudos for Already Dead getting this out there. Nothing like it at all.... An excellent path.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Storm Ross - bandcamp - facebook